Thomas Davis Fountain

Designed by Edward Delaney, the fountain in memory of Thomas Davis depicts trumpeting Heralds of the Four Provinces proclaiming one of Davis’s best-known poems A Nation Again. The surrounding tablets illustrate harrowing scenes from the Great Famine of the 1840s. This site was previously occupied by an equestrian statue of William III.

Dame St, Dublin D2

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The Thomas Davis Memorial Fountain consists of a water feature supplied by 2 No. 3 Phase 5.5kW Motors which supply the outer skirt and outer radial rings and 1 No. 3 Phase 1.5kW Motor which supplies the inner spout. Lighting consists of IP68 LED uplighters and downlighters mounted on an Aluminium Radial platform within the fountain itself, IP68 LED uplighters mounted around the Statue base and 2 No. IP68 LED uplighters housed in a 316L IP65 Coffin in front of the statue plinth.

Em Con designed and manufactured 3 No. Panels for the above project and 1 No. Pole Mounted Weather Station and a bespoke Water Level Sensor for the Fountain Sump. All panels were located below ground in the pump control room and were constructed from either GRP or 316L Stainless Steel due to the damp environment. Panel No. 1 which was constructed from GRP and houses the ESB 3-Phase Meter and Cut-Out. Panel No.2 which was constructed from 316L Stainless Steel houses the Main Distribution Board and feeds all motors (via Panel No. 3), the Ultra Violet Sterilizer, Sump Water Level Pump, Dehumidifier, Pump Room Submersible Pump/Feed Tank Fill Control and also Cylon BMS I/O Modules and GSM Modem for off-site control/programming. Panel No. 3 which was constructed from 316L Stainless Steel and houses the Variable Speed Drives for motors and all LED drivers and the control circuit for the Water Level Sensor for the Fountain Sump. The weather station was constructed from aluminium and polycarbonate plastic and houses the anemometer for control of the Variable Speed Drives, photocell for control of the LED lighting and GSM aerial for Communications and also ESB aerial for off-site meter readings. The Water Level Sensor was constructed from 316L Stainless Steel and contained within a Polycarbonate Enclosure which was engineered to prevent the continual water flow from the pumps registering as a full condition.

As well as all of the above Em Con also manufactured the 4 No. Brass/Polycarbonate barriers which were installed as the Fountain was initially open on 4 sides and also manufactured the access hatch to the Pump room.